As We Are

Contemplating the Impossibility of Impossibility This year took a very unexpected plot that made a lot of us do more soul searching than we would if things were different. Most phone calls and random conversations would include "as long as you are well and in good health, we are happy" - some level of genuine … Continue reading As We Are


Why we do what we do I went to Pangani Girls' High School between 2007 - 2010 when the late Mrs. Pacifica Nyambongi was the principal. She only taught one class through that period, Emerald, where she was my math teacher. Mrs. Nyambongi was particular about how she introduced us to mathematical formulas. She would dissect even the simplest of … Continue reading Why we do what we do

Paradigms are Made for Shifting

This is really something 🙂

Creative by Nature

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels~Albert Einstein, N.Y. Times, 1946

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Over the course of the last hundred years, Western scientists have given us a deeper view of the Universe, of Life & Nature as a creative and unified self-organizing process.Unfortunately, most modern societies are still operating with outdated ideas and assumptions, that do not reflect this new paradigm.

Albert Einstein understood this, as have many others. In order to survive as a species, it is essential that we shift paradigms, developing ways of thinking (and behaving) that are more aligned with how human life and Nature’s systems actually work.

Golden Ratio MonaEvery “thing” that exists in our Universe is a dynamic complex system, interdependently connected to other systems, constantly moving and changing, less a static “thing” than an evolving and transforming creative process.

We see galaxies and hurricanes spinning, continents moving…

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